Sheboygan County schools and parks currently have no fully accessible ADA playgrounds. Our mission is to remove every barrier possible to allow each and every child the opportunity to experience unorganized, imaginative play alongside their peers on a safe and accessible playground. For many children, so often left out on the sidelines, this will be their first experience at inclusive play and unrestrained FUN!


During the process of designing the playground we consulted with experts, both small — lots of kids, both able and disabled to see what THEY wanted in a playground — and large — professionals in our community, and nationally recognized ADA playground designers and equipment manufacturers to be sure the playground is state-of-the art . Together we have worked diligently to ensure that every child, regardless of ability, can have a play experience that will create wonderful family memories.


A poured in place surface – the number one safety rated, fully accessible surface. Double wide ramps throughout the entire play structure:

• Allows a parent or child to go alongside a disabled friend or relative.
• Allow peers to play alongside each other regardless of ability or disability.
• Fosters interaction, builds friendships and creates space for imaginative play.
• Allows parent or caretaker to push a stroller alongside their child to be able to interact and play with the child.
• Promotes quality outdoor family time and allows a disabled or elderly companion to join in the fun throughout the play structure.
The playground will be fully encircled by a picket-style fence for security, allowing children of all abilities to run and play safely.


• Cozy Dome – allows over-stimulated children, especially autistics, to “take a break”
• Sway Fun – allows two wheel chair bound children to share a glider with able bodied friends
• Omni spinner – allows children of all abilities to play along side each other and “spin”
• Oodle swing – large enough for 4 to 6 children, with transfer points for wheelchair or walker
• Multiperson see-saw – 4 seated positions with backs – wheelchair/walker transfer accessible • Hand level play components – creating hand, eye and fine motor skill practice
• Raised sand tables – sand box fun for children in wheelchairs or walkers
• Sand digger – allows wheelchair bound children to to dig in the sand with their peers
• Roller table – allows children of all abilities to experience fun of a roller pin table
• Transfer platform slides – a triple high slide with multiple transfer stairs/platforms
• Musical components – therapeutic, multi-sensory play for all
• Braille panels- for sensory interaction with people with little or no vision
• Accessible Zip line – allows the mobility impaired to race a peer or family member beside them

Ryan and Angie Shaw began working to fundraise for a playground after Angie gave birth to conjoined twins, Mateo and McHale in 2006. In September of that year, a team of 65 medical professionals spent 19 hours separating the spinal cord the boys shared. Now the boys are healthy, in school and have friends they want to share a playground and park with. Construction will begin in the Spring of 2017 on the southeast corner of Evergreen Park in Sheboygan.

The Shaw family has partnered with the Sheboygan County Jaycees, who are providing support and the ability to access the group’s 501-(c)(3) status, which makes all donations tax deductible. The Jaycees will also be managing the long term endowment fund the city can access to ensure the playground remains accessible and properly maintained.

The City of Sheboygan has provided property within the city’s Evergreen Park and will provide in-kind labor for site preparation and partnership in new restroom facilities.

Steven Schmitt of Jos. Schmitt & Sons is leading the Lakeshore area Fund Raising and Community Volunteer Construction efforts together with other community leaders, individuals and organizations.